Canadian Habesha Coffee Company

At the Canadian Habesha Coffee Company, we only source the best coffee beans grown 100% all naturally and ethically produced, directly from the grower to our buyers, then shipped to our roasting facility in Canada.  You know you are getting the best organic coffee available when you choose the Canadian Habesha Coffee Company.  

Ethically Grown, 100% Natural

100% of our coffee is grown locally in the various regions of Ethiopia.  We have dedicated farmers who grow our coffee the same way it has been grown for centuries.  Natural sunshine, rain from mother nature, and picked by hand.  You can't get a better bean, and you know each bean that we use has been grown and picked with care.  


Almaz picks our coffee in Jimma, Ethiopia

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Each Bean is carefully sorted

You can be assured that each bean we use has been carefully sorted.  Our staff only pick the best beans for us.  We have a dedicated team that travels to each region to ensure that you get the best.  

Our coffee beans

As sourced for the regions of Ethiopia

This bean produces a coffee that is well balanced with a medium acidity, and it has a distinct wine flavor.  


This bean produces a coffee that has a medium to light acidity, with a rich full bodied taste, with a strong mocha flavor and a hint of blueberry.  


This bright bean produces a coffee that is a bit higher in acidity than other regions, but it comes with a light body and a nice mix of sweet fruity flavors with a hint of floral notes.


This bean produces a coffee with a sweet floral note, such as jasmine with melon and peach, and a tea-like body.  

Our Product List 


Our Coffee

Starting at $12 lb

Each of our coffee blends can be ground to your liking. We can also provide you your choice of roast.
We can also package your coffee into your choice of K-cup, Nespresso Pod, drip coffee bag for private or commercial brewers, and we also offer single serving coffee bags.
All our coffee is packaged in vacuum sealed packaging to ensure freshness. Each roast is labeled on each package so you know you are getting a fresh product.   

Click on picture to see our collection of coffee.


Our Clothing Line

Staring at $15

Our fashionable Traditional Ethiopian clothing line will make you stand out in a crowd.    

Click on picture to see our clothing line.


Grinders and brewers

Starting at $20

Choose from our selection of coffee grinders, carafes, roasters, Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony sets, and a full range of coffee brewers.  

Click on picture to see our merchandise.  

Our Online Specials
Spring K-Cup collection


Enjoy 60 individual K-cup pods of our famous Ethiopian coffee.  You will get 15 each of our Jimma Morning Jolt, Harrar Pick-Me-Up, Yirgacheffe Special Blend, and our Guji Friends and Family coffee collection.  

Keurig mini K-cup brewer                         


Our Keurig mini K-Cup brewer is perfect for people looking for a small individual serving brewer.  This high quality brewer takes up the least amount of space on your counter top, but is high in functionality.  

Harrar raw coffee beans                       


This 5 pound sack of raw Harrar coffee beans have been selected specifically for the Canadian Habesha Coffee Company. You know you are getting quality hand picked coffee from the Harrar region of Ethiopia.  This bean produces a coffee that has a medium to light acidity, with a rich full bodied taste, with a strong mocha flavor and a hint of blueberry.  The coffee connoisseur will enjoy roasting their own coffee knowing that it is fresh from the forest.  

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony set                         


Pick this 5 place traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony set that contains everything you need to have your own coffee ceremony.  The set contains 5 hand painted coffee cups with saucer and spoons, clay Jebna pot to brew the coffee, charcoal burner, mankeshekesha pan to roast the beans, mukecha and zenzena to grind the roasted beans, and an elegant wooden serving box to contain all the items.  Also included is a DVD of a traditional coffee ceremony, as well as several videos of Ethiopia.  

Guji Friends and Family roasted coffee


Our 5 pound bag of roasted Guji Friends and Family coffee has been blended for those special occasions to spend with your close friends and family.  You can specify your preferred grind and you can choose a dark roast or light roast.  

Habesha Kemes dress                      


No coffee ceremony is complete without the traditional Ethiopian Habesha Kemes dress.  This hand made dress is the perfect addition to your coffee ceremony.  

Order Form

Copy and paste your requests here.  Specify your type of grind and roast for your roasted coffee. 
Enter your quantity of each product.  We will get back to you shortly with your shipping and delivery information.


About the Canadian Habesha Coffee Company

The Canadian Habesha Coffee Company is jointly owned by Russ and Belain McNeill.  We are entrepreneurs who were looking for a way to grow an idea into a business, and we have decided to finally take our thoughts and turn them into a this business.  
We spend our time between Canada and Ethiopia, and we wanted a business that merged those two cultures together.  We welcome you to our business, and we hope you enjoy our coffee.  

Russ and Belain


I have known Russ and Belain for 10 years, and I know that whatever Russ puts his mind to, he will accomplish. And Belain makes a wickedly good cup of coffee! 

Tom Mathews


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